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Neuroscience shows that we interact and react to music before we speak any language. Music is a universal language. It builds bridges and unite people. Music make people happy, relaxed, excited, and brings a sense of community. Above all, music builds positive connections in the human mind. The latest research shows that music even improves cognition and helps people with medical diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. Global International Inc. is working on music that will shift paradigms, bring happiness, enhance healing, unite people and build bridges between East & West so this world can flourish in love and peace.


Global International International Recording Artist Heather Schmid is a classically trained musician and opera singer, GRAMMY member, and Pop Celebrity performer worldwide. Heather co-produced 3 albums Goddess Within, Goddess Awaits and Touching Down. The musical styles are pop/rock to eurodance to a fusion music, including a song in Chinese.

Heather Schmid became the first artist to create and perform of the most beloved Chinese folk Songs Mo Li Hua [Jasmine flowers] in english and chinese. This song is appreciated and cherished by 1.3 billion people in South East Asia and bringing east and west together using music as the medium.[Click to see video song Mo Li Hua].
Heather Schmid has also written music co-branding with multinational brands. Heather Schmidʼs vocals and music has aided brand penetration in this competitive market place. Intercontinental Hotel Group, Got2be cosmetics and Make Up Forever are a few of these brands.


Cultural Exchange Global International Inc. works with Universities to facilitate musical and cultural exchanges. One recent event was at Nanjing, China. Recording Artist Heather Schmid and Berklee Professor Jonathan Finn gave Master Classes at Nanjing Normal University to Master Students studying music. Students performed for a televised Concert showcasing traditional and western instruments.

Global International Inc has produced 5 new pop-dance songs in 2012 with Sony producer Justin Graham.

FUTURE This song is about how technology and humans are coming together to be one. Heather Schmid is an avid reader of Kurtzweil and the influence of technology in human development.

2012- This song addresses the mayan predictions about 2012 age of transformation. The music and vocal will help you enjoy and dance through New Years at the end of December 2012.

TONIGHT - This songs is great showcase of clean pure voice and the 3 1/2 octave range of Recording artist Heather Schmid.

SAVE THE NIGHT – This song was #3 on New Music Server top downloads by FM radio stations. ʻSave the Nightʼ is currently on US radio playing in 248 markets.

[click to hear]

I WISH - Any dream or wish you have begins with an intention. Intention goes into the esoteric world and brings positive energy to fulfill your wishes. This song is a play off the nursery rhyme melodic style.


Global International Inc.ʼs International Recording Artist Heather Schmid, Berkeleeʼs School of Music Professor and Boston Symphony Guitarist, Jonathan Fin, and Branding and Image building expert Dr Rafay Mehdi are developing a project with the intention to unite a country that is extremely diversified. According to expert in the field including US Secretary of State and the State Department this country plays a vital role when it comes to world security and security of US. Pakistan is that country. Its a country that is driven by passion to win, passion for music, and above all passion to be unified. We developed an anthem styled song in collaboration with major institutions, agencies, and artists that with unite Pakistan like never before.

Heather Schmid is not new to East, whether its china or Pakistan. Currently, Heather holds 1.3 billion impressions worldwide. Heather travelled, performed, conducted media interviews and photoshoots in Pakistan, on many occasions, when most feared to. In 2005, 85,000 Pakistaniʼs were killed in a devastating earth quake. Heather raised funds for a benefit performance in Lahore Pakistan. The trip was transformative both for Heather and the Pakistaniʼs that talked with her, watched her live show, or saw her many media interviews. Pakistaniʼs viewed Heather as “the real american” meaning not an government official, not a politician, and not a celebrity. On ʻThe Jeff Probst showʼ Heather talked about a teenager who came to her performance with the intentions to do harm, instead he confessed to Heather his transformation provided by Ms. Schmidʼs music, words and desire to bring people closer to people.

girl playing violin


music builds positive connections in the human mind


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