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ABM aims to help humanity one brain at a time for mental health and cognitive excellence without the use of medication.


Everything is a product of the brain: thoughts, feelings, sensations, and concepts. The human brain, however, is the least understood organ.


A recent Yale University study showed decision making comes from the sub-conscious mind meaning it is not in humans' control. Decision making, whether drawn out or made in a second, often occurs unconsciously.Decoding the unconscious brain is the key to understanding, reprogramming, and retraining the human brain.

Who Are We?

NSMG is a neuroscience based branding, image building, perception development, entertainment, and a consulting corporation. 

We are conducting neuroscience and neuropharmacological research into decoding, mapping, and further understanding neuronal perceptional pathways within the human brain. Additionally, NSMG is developing image building techniques using proprietary protocols that are based on the latest neuroscience, psychoanalytical tools, as well as knowledge of medical sciences. 

NSMG can be an added tool for all industries including Educational, Medical, Political, Military, international relations, Social Engineering, as well as developing, promoting, and marketing of brands for corporations products and services.

NSMG is also geared towards develop tools and robots where neuroscience meets Artificial Intelligence [AI]  that could be used with precision and on demand.

NSMG is now in the process of developing the largest blue print of the human brain. This is a commercial product being developed for corporate brands, the US government and for each individual to empower themselves to understand there own 3 pound universe: the brain. Our hope is that brain blueprints will become an essential tool help humanity in all instances.


Dr. Syed Rafay Mehdi MD

Welcome to ABM

Decoding the unconscious brain is the key to understanding, reprogramming, and retraining the human brain.

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