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most films now are too formula or too hi tech loosing the human factor


Goddess Inc. film division wants to create a platform for National and International film makers producers and actors that can bring CONTENT & INSPIRATION back to entertainment.

Most films now are too formula or too hi tech loosing the human factor. Whether it is drama, love, horror, documentary there use to be originality content meaningfulness to films in the past. Global International Inc. will bring this glorious past to silver screen. There is a reason why Hollywood time recently have start focusing on remake of old classics.

Past Projects: 


Goddess Inc’s first Music Video was filmed in Los Angeles. International Recording Artist Sing & Song writer Heather Schmid was featured in a HI-def music video. Heather Schmid sang her original song “Close your Eyes” from her album Goddess Within . This music video went through first pass of Grammy nomination.


Goddess Inc. in conjunction with CCTV9 producer Lei Chen recorded the pilot show called “Ambassador” where Heather travels and explores remote villages of China where no American artist has gone before. From villages in Yue Yang [3000 year old village] to Wugang Monutions 3000 feet high Heather Schmid through this show Heather Schmid was glorifying the people of Villages bringing western musi to ancient east.
[Click to see video]

Current Project:


A 8 series TV Reality Show where Ancient folk Pakistani music/musicians meets modern US music/musicians Goddess Incʼs International Recording Artist Heather Schmid, Berkeleeʼs School of Music Professor and Boston Symphony Guitarist, Jonathan Fin, and Branding and Image building expert Dr Rafay Mehdi are developing a project with the intention to unite a country that is extremely diversified.
Details of this show will be posted later as we are in the process of negotiations with both Pakistani and American TV partners


Global International Inc.. is looking into remake of cult classics. Investors are welcome to inquire. [Click to contact us here]

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